tirsdag 5. juni 2012

Svalbard / Longyearbyen

Between Norway and the North Pole, you can find the wild, free and beautiful islands of Svalbard. The groups of islands range from 74• to 81• north latitude and from 10• to 35• east longitude. Spitsbergen is the largest of all the islands and here you will find the administrative center, Longyearbyen. All of Svalbard is administered by the Governor of Svalbard (Sysselmannen).

fredag 1. juni 2012

Phuket og Phi Phi

I love Thailand! However, I have only been to Bangkok before, so this time we desided to try Phuket, wanted the beach! Only thing is that we were going in August, and as you probably know that is the rainy season then. We were staying in Patong and we figured out very quickly that the "city center" and Patong beach there was not the best at all. After day two we were pretty fed up with it all.