tirsdag 24. juni 2014


Düsseldorf weekend, shopping, dining, sightseeing. This German city with all its sits, architecture, the river Rhine, locals and tourist mingling together in a city that had a lot more to offer than what I thought. 

mandag 23. juni 2014

Düsseldorf bars and restaurants

Düsseldorf has a lot to offer and bars and restaurants is definitely one of them. As you can see from the picture further down even dogs have their own little "bar" outside some restaurants. But again I have heard that Germany in general are very dog friendly. Anyway I was amazed about the great nightlife there and the atmosphere.

lørdag 14. juni 2014

Shopping in Düsseldorf

I can say this straight away that Düsseldorf is just great for shopping. First of all Düsseldorf is not a huge city so you can easily walk around from place to place which again means that if you can't carry all your stuff you can probably just drop them off at our hotel and walk back out to do more shopping. 

tirsdag 3. juni 2014

5 enkle triks for en billigere utenlandstur

 Er du reiselysten men har ikke penger til å reise så mye som du skulle ønske? Her kommer noen enkle men nokså effektive tips på hvordan man kan få rimelige flybilletter til din drømme destinasjon.