lørdag 14. juni 2014

Shopping in Düsseldorf

I can say this straight away that Düsseldorf is just great for shopping. First of all Düsseldorf is not a huge city so you can easily walk around from place to place which again means that if you can't carry all your stuff you can probably just drop them off at our hotel and walk back out to do more shopping. 

Like we had to do after buying 6 pairs of shoes in one shop. If you ever go to Düsseldorf make sure you have enough room in your suitcase for some new shoes because the selection is huge and the price is great. You simply can not leave the city without buying any shoes. Shoe shops everywhere in all the shopping areas. 

You will find all sorts of shops in this city, everything from Gucci and Channel to Primark and H&M. Are you one of those who can afford to shop in the designer shops you probably want to go to Königsallee or if you wish to go to Primark you want to go to Schadowstraße. However, there are some designer shops in Schadowstraße and some others beside designer shops in Königsallee. Anyway, it is possible to shop to you drop in all sorts of price range so just knock yourself loose. 

It's not only these two streets with good shopping, we also walked through Carlstadt and saw loads of shops in that area as well. Don't worry that you wont be able to spend your money. 

Tired from shopping, need a little break or just have a husband that refuses to go into any more shops. Sit down at the side walk café, which is also a shop. Man sit down, women shop! 

Before leaving make sure you have been into one of the Chocolate shops it will dazzle you and make you want to eat all the chocolate they have it just looks so delicious. 

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  1. Never been, but it's on my to-do list ;-)

  2. Thanks for sharing your post on eTramping. Great timing! I'm flying there in 3 weeks and I'm planning to buy some clothes and cosmetics with my mom and sister. It's great to know that the prices are not that high and everyone can find something nice there!

  3. Nok en europeisk by jeg må få besøkt snart! :-)

    1. Ja jeg vil gjerne reise tilbake dit for jeg synes det var så bra:) Så er det også mulig å få veldig billige flybilletter dit da :)


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