fredag 7. juni 2013

Straffan & Co Kildare - Ireland

I'm married to an Irish man so every now and then we go to Ireland to his home town, or village is the more apropiate word, Straffan. Straffan is in County Kildare, 25 kilometers from Dublin and has a population of 439 people (that was the number in 2006 so it might be more now, or maybe less?). So what do they have in Straffan? To be honest, not that much. Whenever we are there we end up in the local bar, Friels (the acctually have two local pubs, Friels and Straffan inn). Let just say that they are typical local places in Ireland. However, I would recommend tourist to go to those bars (then I mean local places), as you do get a good feeling of the country side and the local environmet, culture and very friendly Irish people. Good pub grub as well.