lørdag 16. juli 2011


I really like Melbourne, and I think that everyone who has been there feels the same way. My only problem was that I only had 3 days there and that is just not enough. So how to see Melbourne in 3 days? Well, it is possible, just do what we did. When we first arrived there we went straight to the aquarium, and it was a great experience. Everybody should go there, kids or no kids, it is something you should see. As we like to walk around, we decided to walk from St. Kilda so we could se as much as possible. It was a long walk, think we used about one hour, at least, but worth it. We also passed the famous train station, it is very old, and it has a great history in the city of Melbourne. Very nice building which gave the city a feeling of long and old history. 

When I was in Melbourne we stayed in St. Kilda as I mentioned, and we found it perfect for us. We bought a day pass for the tram, train and bus, if you stay 4 days or longer you should by a week pass, gives you better value for the money. To go to the famous St. Kilda beach was only a couple of stops on the tram, and if you want you can even walk down there from the "center" of St. Kilda. The area is very popular amongst young people and backpackers, however you meet all kind of people when you are there. Australia open, yes tennis, was on when we were there so the whole city was packed. i would recomend to sit down at one of the bars and just look at people, it is so much fun!

If you want to have dinner in a different way then just going to normal restaurants, you can just hop on the restaurant tram and it will take you around the city of Melbourne while you enjoy your dinner. Remember to book in advance.

Every Wednesday night you have the night market at Queen Victoria market. Even though it is a lot like other markets around the world it is worth going there to at least experience the food, it is so good even though it might look a bit shabby. It is packed with all different kind of people as well.

So what to do at night time? It really is the same all over the world, you go out for dinner and then to a bar or something. But if you want to do something else, why not go bowling? We did and it was great fun. As we were there on a normal weekday the place was a little bit empty, but it was a good thing, did not have to wait to get a lane to play in.

As i mentioned earlier we stayed not too far away from St. Kilda beach, and of course you have to go and see it if you are in Melbourne. The beach is really long and the sand is very nice, but the water is not the best. The reason why I don't think it was the best is because I like to se the bottom and you can't do that there. The temperature was okay, but it was only about 20 degrees that day so it was a little bit cold for me to go swimming. Oh yeh, it is expencive there..........................

And, I would love to travel back to Melbourne some day :) :) :)!!!!!!!!!!!!

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