Viser innlegg med etiketten Central Park. Vis alle innlegg
Viser innlegg med etiketten Central Park. Vis alle innlegg

søndag 10. november 2013

The City - New York

Jeg er i New York igjen!!!!!!!Hurra, det er faktisk tredje gangen bare i år at jeg er her. Har reist litt rundt denne gangen før vi ankom The City så vi har bare 3 dager til rådighet her. Men det er fortsatt 3 dager å bare nyte denne flotte byen på. Jeg har jo sett veldig mye av byen før så denne gangen kan man egentlig bare slappe av litt å gå rundt på Manhattan. Men først en liten overnatting i Hoboken og et besøk hos Cake Boss!

søndag 5. februar 2012

New York

Start spreading the news...............................................

Love New York that's all I can say to describe it in a few words. Only been there about three times but I have a feeling it will be alot more in the future. Last time I was there I had quite the experience.......... come on Iren yeh you know what I mean................................... Thats right, got stuck for an extra two days due to the hurrican. We were staying at Upper East side, thats where you can find several apartements for rent and they aren't that expencive either (same with Upper West side, and that is if you have booked some time in advance of course). Anyway, we had been driving from Ocean City in MD and up to New York, me and three hungover gentlemen  and we got to the city on wednesday evening after a long drive, yes, of course I was the driver:) Yes it i spossible to drive around Manhattan even doh you are a foreigner, will I recomend it? Absolutely no f... way. Will I do it again? probably, if I have to. Was glad to park the car at Avis that night, taxi around from now on (well, I can walk, I like it, but the guys....... not up for walking that much).