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My bucket list!


This post is also in English. Jeg regner med at det er veldig mange der ute som har en bucket list, altså en liste over mål her i livet. Sikker mange som ikke har det også, men jeg har funnet ut at når det gjelder reise vil jeg sette opp min egen bucket list. Dette er noe jeg vil oppnå her i livet og det er nok ikke gjort på en to tre, men jeg må nok ta tiden til hjelp. Det er flere kanskje litt uvanlige destinasjoner eller steder mange ikke har hørt så mye om. Sikker mange som har både hørt og vært på flere av stedene også. Har dere det så vil jeg gjerne høre om det og få litt tips.

I guess most people have a bucket list, at least I think people who are real travel passionate have one (in the travel category that is). Mine is rather long and I realize it will take me a few years before I can complete it. The surprising thing here is that a few of the places I really want to visit is in my home country Norway. Guess I should start saving my money right away as this is not a list that includes "cheap" travels. If you have any tips for me please post them here.

Nå vil jeg også nevne det at denne listen vil jo bli oppdatert og kanskje utfylt litt mer etter hvert, og jeg kan si med en gang at det vil komme bilder med en gang jeg har vært på disse stedene, jeg bruker ikke andre sine bilder, kun mine egne.

I can say straight away that this list probably will get more addition as we go along, and I will put out pictures here when I have been to the places, I'm not a fan of using other peoples pictures, besides it is illegal and I don't want to do that.

Let's get started!

1. Holi festival in Goa India or Jaipur (the next time this will happen is 6th of  March 2015). Holi is a spring festival and it is also known as the festival of colours and the festival of love.

2. Safari in Africa. I have never been to any African countries so just to get to Africa is a goal itself, and whiles I'm there I really want to go on a safari, It could be South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania or any other country that can offer adventures.

3. Thaiti, French Polynesia. Imagine living in one of those bungalows in the ocean, it must be paradise and a true experience. Maybe it is possible to travel to other Pacific islands as well like Bora Bora.

4. Hurtigruta Kirkenes to Tromsø. Nordic adventure. I have been on Hurtigruta from Bergen to Trondheim, but it is up north you see the true beauty of Norway.

5. Norway. My home country and I still have loads more to see. Trollstigen, Geiranger, Rallarvegen, Flombanen, Preikestolen are some of the top sites to see in Norway, it is spectacular.

6. Island hopping in Greece. I have been to some of the islands but want to see more. There are so many island that are so beautiful and just waiting for me to explore them.

7. Yaeyama island Japan. Unheard of for many people, but a holiday destination amongst the Japanese people. Paradise in the Tropic of Cancer.

8. Kilimajaro. Just climb the freaking thing, what an experience. Maybe combine this with the safari as well. That will be some vacation then.

9. Galapagos Islands and Ecuador. Wildlife at its best and in an environment you wont find anywhere else in the world.

10. Maccau. Asia's Las Vegas with a mix of Chinese and Portuguese culture. You can see everything from hot hotels and casinos to pandas and nature.

11. Vaadhoo, Maldives. There is one thing I want to see here and that is the glowing waves. The waves are actually glowing it is spectacular.

12. Coahella festival. Music festival in California every April. I love music and have been to a festival in London a few years in a row and this is the ultimate festival in my opinion.

13. La Tomatina. A yearly food festival in Bunol near Valencia held on the last wednesday in August. What do they do? Throw tomatoes at each other. The night before the tomato tossing there is a paella cooking contest.

14. Roadtrip in Ireland. Seen a lot of the country already but a roadtrip around it would be the ultimate Irish vacation in my eyes.

15. Philippines. A place where you can travel around and probably stay for several months, so many thing to see and do I don't even know where to start.  
16. Nauru, Micronesia. Untouched beaches and nature, Micronesia is the least visited country in the world. Who doesn't want to explore that.

17. Madagascar. The capital Antananarivo and Masoala National park.

18. Machu Picchu, Peru. Top tourist destination and might be gone sometime in the future. This ancient Inka city have to see seen and explored before it is too late.

19. Cambodia. The old temple of Angkor Wat.

20. Mardi Gras, New Orleans USA. Beeds, parade, food, drink, madness and happiness.

21. Iguazu Falls, Brazil and Argentina. Combine these two countries with loads of other activities and adventures, but Iguazu Falls is a must see if around here, in my opinion.

22. Trans-siberian Railway. Will start in Moscow, but should I go to Vladivostok or change to the Trans-Mogolian Railway and go into Mongolia?

Oops, this is a long list but hopefully at some stage I will be able to complete it. I'm gonna take my time of course otherwise it wont be possible to achieve all this, but I really think that some day it is possible, I just have to get started straight away.

PS! I won't be surprised if I add some more destinations onto my bucket list......

Main street of Gili Trawangang, indonesia
Rafting in Sjoa, Norway. 
Wall of fame, Dublin Ireland.

And it took me only two weeks to discover more things I want to do and put on my bucketlist....

23. Songkran. New Years celebration in Thailand. Get your groove on and find your water pistol!

24. Sri Lanka. This have been recommended to me so I will definitely put this on my list after reading about the country and seen some pictures. 

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  1. For en spennende bucket list! Veldig mange gøye reiser her ser det ut som :)

    1. Ja dette blir nok veldig spennende å prøve å oppnå, jeg tror jeg kommer til å begynne allerede i oktober, men destinasjonen er ennå ikke bestemt. Gleder meg :)

  2. Spännande lista! Filippinerna kan vi verkligen rekommendera, liksom transsibiriska järnvägen. Vi tog turen till Beijing. Spännande att åka genom både Mongoliet och Kina också, så det rekommenderas! De andra resmålen skulle nog kunna stå på vår lista också, samt några till ;)

    1. Ja jeg lurer litt på Filippinene i oktober jeg :) Vet ikke om lista noen gang kommer til å bli 100% komplett, er liksom alltid nye ting man vil utforske.

  3. So many things and countries to see! I recommend a three week road trip in Norway if you should have the time. South to North. That was one of the best trips I had.

    I am looking to all the posts as you accomplish your list :)

    1. I know!!!!! Ja rund reise i Norge er noe jeg vil, tenk å bo i et så flott land så har man ikke sett halvparten av det!!!!

  4. Svar
    1. Jepp det gikk på lista, men som nr 24 :) Har jo selvfølgelig funnet mer jeg vil gjøre :)

  5. Ser du har ganske mange av de samme punktene som meg! Om man bare hadde hatt unlimited tid og penger...!


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