onsdag 23. april 2014

Typical Norwegian Easter

This is what we do, the majority of the people in Norway still go up to the mountains to their cabin ( or they rent one or go with other friends) and we spend Easter holidays there. Some Norwegians might say this is so 80's and 90's style, but statistics have once again shown us that the mountains is still our preferred Easter holiday destination. So whiles some people spend their holiday in pure luxury we go to cabin where we don't have electricity, water or indoor toilet.
Yeah it is true a lot of the traditional cabins don't have any of that although more and more cabins are getting electricity. A lot of them have the whole shebang as well doh, sauna, Jacuzzi and all that. Our cabin have electricity but that's it, outdoor toilet, no water inside and it is not big at all, a pure cabin in my eyes (we got electricity about two years ago, and we weren't sure if we wanted it). I love that place.    

Our family cabin is in a place called Vestre Slidre, that is in Valdres Norway. It is almost 4 hour drive from where I live in Lillestrøm (just right outside Oslo). So what do we do up in the mountains. In the winter time, we go skiing, cross country or slalom/downhill or snowboard, we stay inside the cabin by the fireplace and play games, watch a little bit of TV, but we dedicate our time to games instead. And of course we eat and drink all we can. Just driving up there we pass a lot of the beautiful Norwegian countryside I just had to take some pictures of it and post them here. 

The Norwegian flag you see in one of the pictures was painted on this mountain during the Second World War. The person or people who did this was risking their life as this was strictly prohibited.  

Well, moving on to the cabin life. In order to go cross country skiing we need to prep our skis as well, this we do based on the weather, if it is a lot of minus degrees we need a different type of ski wax than if is is warm and sunny (when I say warm it is plus 5 degrees Celsius). Believe it or not, but this is very important. 

Me and Roxy took a lot of selfies!

After prepping skis, packing our bags with drinks, coffee, chocolate, Kvikk Lunsj is the name of the traditional hiking / skiing chocolate (yes there is one particular type), oranges, something to sit on, more ski wax, we start walking on skis. For other people this might sound absolutely ridiculous, but for Norwegians this is one of the most normal thing you can do. 

After walking for a while we sit down on the side of the "slopes" and eat and drink. 

Even my dog likes the orange!

The mountain you see in the background is called Skogshorn and my dad went up there one day during Easter. I am going to do that next year I have decided. 

After our skiing trips we sat down at the cabin and enjoyed the sun and of course a beer. When the weather is like this you just have to take advantage of it and spend as much time as possible outside. Another typical thing to do is to make hot dogs on a fireplace, of course we did that as well, I'm Norwegian, what do you expect!  

After a long day outside we have some things we need to do inside as well. Even though we have electricity we don't have any taps with water and that means no dishwasher, shower or anything like that. We need to do the dishes by hand, like in the old days. We bring large can with water from home and heat it up on the fireplace/oven so we have hot water. To tell you the truth, this is no problem what so ever, it is so easy to live like this for a few days and we do actually have a small shower with a little tank we can fill up with water so we can have a quick shower and wash up. We just need to bring enough water and we have to think about what way we spend it. So everything is simple standard, and I appreciate it.  

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful way to spend Easter, sometimes the best things in life are simple!

  2. Every holiday is worth being spent in Norway. And your dog looks so happy there :-)

    1. I think we all are happy up there :) It is nice to get away from your everyday life and all the stress around it. It is really a place where you can relax :)

  3. Wonderful place!!!! Love the photos :)


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