Viser innlegg med etiketten Great Barrier Reef. Vis alle innlegg
Viser innlegg med etiketten Great Barrier Reef. Vis alle innlegg

mandag 24. januar 2011

Cairns, Australia part 2

The bride prize was one of the highlights while we were in Cairns. The groom’s family had invited the whole family and all of us from Norway to spend the evening with them in traditional PNG (Papa New Guinea) style. The whole concept of the bride price was that the groom’s family gave the brides family gifts so they would accept the marriage.  When the bride’s family accepted the gifts, she would be “owned” by the groom and his family after the marriage.  So for this ritual people had dressed up in traditional PNG style and the bride was the center of attention with all this traditional clothing and accessories on her. They walked from one of the houses where they had dressed up and made the bride ready and into the garden of the house where we all were sitting and waiting, singing and dancing on their way………..

mandag 3. januar 2011

Cairns, Australia part 1

I have been in Cairns for 9 days now and it has been just great. First of all we are here for one special reason, our friends are getting married :) !!!!!!!!
When we arrived in Cairns it was raining, and that is not so unusuall as January can be a raining season. However, we was told that in the last few days it had been raining about three times more than it would usually do when the monsoon rains is there in February. Great, we are going to be soaked!