mandag 3. januar 2011

Cairns, Australia part 1

I have been in Cairns for 9 days now and it has been just great. First of all we are here for one special reason, our friends are getting married :) !!!!!!!!
When we arrived in Cairns it was raining, and that is not so unusuall as January can be a raining season. However, we was told that in the last few days it had been raining about three times more than it would usually do when the monsoon rains is there in February. Great, we are going to be soaked!

The rain did stop at times, thank god, and the first day we had without rain and lots of sun was when we went to the Great Barrier Reef. As we are here for a wedding we are a group of 40 people from Norway so we did this trip as a group activity, and it was so much fun. We had clear skys and clear water and the 1,5 hour boat trip out to the reef was just fab, everybody layed out on deck and got loads of sun:) Temperature this day was about 32 degrees. Even though it is raining here now, it is always warm, and very humid, it can be up to 97% humidity in the air! When we arrived at the reef the first thing we had to do was snorkeling, and that was a really fun experience. I have snorkeled before, but this was just beyond every thing I have ever seen. The reef had so much tropical fish, plans and lots more you think you would just see in pictures. Everybody who goes to Cairns needs to do this, it is something you will never forget.

to be continued...............................

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