Viser innlegg med etiketten Sightseeing. Vis alle innlegg
Viser innlegg med etiketten Sightseeing. Vis alle innlegg

søndag 8. februar 2015

Chicago must see sights

Chicago som alle andre byer har mye å by på når det gjelder ting å se og gjøre. Som regel har man noe begrenset med tid når man er på ferie, og man må ofte velge seg ut de man aller helst vil gjøre. Her kommer noe tips på hva man abslutt burde vie litt tid til hvis man noen gang er i Chicago.
/Chicago, as every other big city in the world, has a lot to offer when it comes to things to do and sights to see. Most of the time you don't really have time to see it all and you have to chose what matter the most to you. Here are some tips over some sights that I really think you should make time to see if you ever are in The Windy City!/

torsdag 28. august 2014

Lucca - Travel Tips / Reisetips

/Lucca is a small city in Toscana, about three and a half hours drive from the international airport in Rome. What makes Lucca so special is the great city wall that surrender and hide away the city from its surroundings. What is even more spectacular is how the wall have been kept and that it still looks much like it did when it first was built. Behind these city walls you will fins a very traditional and rick Northern Italian city that increases amongst the tourists every year./ 

Lucca er en liten  by i Toscana, ca 3 og en halv times kjøretur fra den internationale flyplassen i Roma. Det som gjør denne byen så spesiell er en unike bymuren som fortsatt den dag i dag er nesten like robust og inntakt som den en gang var. Bak denne bymuren skuler det seg en meget tradisjonell og rik norditaliens by, som opplever mer og mer turisme for hvert år som går. 

fredag 4. oktober 2013


Barcelona, or maybe you can call it Gaudí capital? It is a beautiful city and it is a little different from other cities I have ever visited. Yes, this is where the Gaudí capital comes into the picture. As you might know Gaudí was an architect and he did not like normal squares or "straight lines" and all his buildings / creations shows an impact of this. It is absolutely beautiful. 

mandag 29. juli 2013

Dublin again.....

This is the third post about Dublin so this time I will just write about what we did during our weekend there, no facts, just what to do. We flu from Oslo to Copenhagen and on to Dublin on the friday, landed at 6 ish so that meant we would have the evening in Dublin. Started the trip with some free coffe and tea from SAS :)