onsdag 31. juli 2013

Rihanna in Bergen, Norway

Rihanna in Bergen, Norway! Friday 26th of July we were 6 girls who went to the concert, 4 of us travelled from Oslo, 1 from Kristiansand and 1 was already in Bergen. We were going to rock that place. 20.000 people was at Koengen to see Rihannas Diamonds World Tour. We found a great spot to stand at and here it was enough room for us to jump and sing and go absolutely crazy. Check out this great video from the concert!

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  1. The Bergen and oslo is the famous city in the Norway you acn also visit these places by using one of the best car hire company in Norway Carsrentalnorway.com

    1. Yes it is ;) Bergen is a very beautiful city.


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