søndag 6. oktober 2013

Useful and useless facts from around the world

 I have traveled a bit and over the years I have learned a lot of stuff from this. Somethings are very handy to know and somethings are just plain useless, but fun to know. Here is a little list over my strange knowledge. I'm sure many people have heard about most of this before but there might be some surprises for you as well. If you know that some of this information is wrong then let me know ;)

1. Irish coffee was originally made with tea. However when the Irish introduced this to the Americans they did not like it and changed the tea with coffee.

2. Greenland is covered in ice and Iceland is covered with "green".

3. These web pages are blocked in China,  Facebook, Google,Youtube, Twitter, Blogspot, Wordpress, Picasa, The Pirate Bay and many more.

4. In Japan it is illegal to own a handgun.

5. A Boeing 747s wingspan is longer than the Wright brother's first flight ( they invented and build the world's first successful airplane).

6. In Italy the number 17 is considered unlucky, in Japan the number 4 is unlucky.

7. In Sweden there is a Ice Hotel, it is rebuilt every year.

8. Bibles are not allowed in the Maldives.

9. In Norway, professional boxing was illegal until Thursday 3rd of October 2013. 

10. It is illegal to feed pigeons on the streets in San Fransisco, California.

11. There are no rivers in Saudi Arabia (only country in the world that don't have that).

12. It is a possibility that you can "run into" a polar bear in Longyerbyen, main city in Svalbard.

13. Also in Longyerbyen, you are not allowed to leave town to go on a hiking trip without telling the authorities, Sysselmannen.

14. In some shops in St. Maartin you can pay either with euros or dollars, 1 euro and 1 dollar has the same value, nothing called exchange rate here!

15. Don't use the term "that's the bomb" for something cool or nice in an airport!

16. Walking into a small shop/mart in Bali is custom to take off your shoes.

17. Balinese names is based on birth order. They use 4 names. The 4 names vary from region and / or caste membership. First born is "Wayan" or "Gede" or "Putu", second is "Made" or "Kadek", third is "Nyoman" or "Komang", fourth is "Ketut". If there is a fifth child in the family they name the child "Wayan Balik" (Wayan again).

18. In Amsterdam there are more bikes than people.

19. Women are not allowed to travel alone to Saudi Arabia, they have to be accompanied by their husband or a mail relative.

20. In a Buddhist Temple you shall not step on the threshold, it is believed that it is the head of Buddha. 

So here you are useful and useless facts for you to know. I might be back in the future with some more;)

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