Viser innlegg med etiketten China. Vis alle innlegg
Viser innlegg med etiketten China. Vis alle innlegg

mandag 3. november 2014

Travel 2015, hit skal du reise

Skal vi følge Lonely Planet sine råd om de destinasjonene vi burde reise til i 2015 havner på alt fra Nord Norge til Tasmania. Altså nesten så langt nord du kommer og helt på stikk motsatt side av verden til den Australske øya nesten helt i sør. Selve listen til Lonely Planet er på 10 forskjellige steder i 10 forskjellige land steder og jeg må innrømme at de frister like mye alle sammen.
/If you want to travel to alle the destination that Lonely Planet reccomend you to in 2015 you will have to og all around the world from the North of Norway to Tasmania South of Australia. I must admit that all the places on the list appeals to me and I haven't been to any of those places so I would really like to og some day./

søndag 6. oktober 2013

Useful and useless facts from around the world

 I have traveled a bit and over the years I have learned a lot of stuff from this. Somethings are very handy to know and somethings are just plain useless, but fun to know. Here is a little list over my strange knowledge. I'm sure many people have heard about most of this before but there might be some surprises for you as well. If you know that some of this information is wrong then let me know ;)

tirsdag 7. august 2012

Beijing, China

Beijing, China!!!!!!!!! I have been there twice now and my firs time was in 2001, and it had changed a lot since then, almost like two different countries. The thing is that the first time I was there, I was with my class from Otto Treiders Handelsskole (Travel Management class), so we got to see and do absolutely everything you can possibly imagine whiles we were there. Only sad thing is that in 2001 I did not have a digital camera, I had to develop my film to get the pictures. But I did manage to take some pictures of my pictures from then, however, the quality is not the greates, you still see where I am though!