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Atlantic City


Summer holiday in the US and this time we flew to New York and rented a car and drove down to Atlantic City.We were going to stay there for 5 days and to be honest we did not really have any expectations to this place at all.


We had booked Trump Taj Mahal hotel and it was kind of what it looked like in the pictures. They haven't updated anything since 1982 ;) The hotel is big enough and it is a little impressive from the outside with all the red signs, and we were very happy with our room, it was very nice, big enough and very modern. And the chandeliers in the lobby were very nice.

We arrived at the hotel around noon and all though there were some problems with our reservation it was all sorted out at the  front desk by the booking department. We just had to go outside and have a look around, we were getting thirsty and hungry.

Taj Mahal is located right on the boardwalk almost at the end (right next to Showboat and Revel), so everything on the boardwalk is within walking distance.

 (these two pictures are taken from our room, but that is how near Showboat and Revel our hotel, Taj Mahal is. I must admit that when I looked on a map I thought it was a little bit further away).

Even to walk over to Tropicana is possible and it only take you about 15-20 minutes or so. Anyway, we ended up right outside our hotel at Landshark where we had burgers and beers for lunch. After that we had to go for a little walk.

To be honest there is not that much to do in Atlantic City beside gambling, of course, a little bit of shopping (there is an outlet not too far from the Boardwalk), and you can relax on the beach. Beside that there are not many tourist attractions or sightseeing opportunities, but I don't think people go to AC to go sightseeing anyway ;) There are a lot of fun hotels, bars and etc to look at though. Like Bally's which have a old Western theme, inside and outside.

Also you get a lot of good beers, not only in AC, but all over the U.S.

Just like Las Vegas, there is a Caesars Hotel and Casino in AC, and after a few beers we popped in there for a little while during the afternoon.

And we stayed there for a while, drinking and gambling;)

As you might know I have mentioned that so much food in the U.S are just huge portions, and at Margaritaville there are no exeptions. Just have to show this picture of the Volcano Nachos we got. The two of us could not finish it. Finished our beers though. 

We figured out that since there wasn't much to do in the evenings beside drinking and gambling, we would go over to Revel and have some dinner there. Revel is a relatively new hotel and it is very nice and fancy. We found a great bar there with loads of different beers and the staff were so great because they knew so much about the food and the drinks. I must admit that in the U.S that is something restaurants tend to forget to give their waiters knowledge about.  We had some really great beers there!

On the Saturday after being in AC for a couple of days we were waiting for a friend to arrive down from New York so what better place to meet than the beach bar at Trump Plaza, the weather was great, nice and sunny so you definitely wanted to be outside.

We also stopped by the beach club/bar at Bally's as that is a very popular place on Saturdays during the day time. It was rather packed and the music was great and people had a really great time.

That evening we went back to Revel for dinner at the Italian Restaurant there Dolce Vita I think it was called, and it was an okay place. Food was okay and the wine was good. The standard of restaurants in AC is very different from many other places in America and at least Europe. It was okay though, but I have high expectations to restaurants who rate themselves highly and have prices like they are very good restaurants.

By the way, that is an 8 dollar meatball!

Presentation of the food was maybe a little bit unfortunate because it looked like we got maggots and worms, but is was good and I would eat there again.

So the rest of the evening we stayed at Revel and did a little bit of gambling, only on the slot machines :)

We were thinking of going to the nightclub at Revel, there are at least two there, but it was 2 am when we figured that out and we were not interested in paying 30 dollars to go in and maybe stay there for 30 minutes or so. What ever happened to ladies getting in for free????

Football Sunday! Lunch, football and drinks in Tropicana this time. Went to the Irish bar (on the second floor) and had a great big lunch and watched NY Jets win their game with a field goal with 2 seconds left in the game! What a great way of starting the day ;)


Again we had to try some of the different beers on the menu. You just don't get this good beer in Norway without paying about 15 dollars for a small bottle (0,33l).

There is some really good places to eat and drink in the Tropicana Hotel. We only had time to try a few of them though but there were so many places that looked really good.

In the Tropicana there is also a comedy club so we just had to go to that one and see a show. The price was 25 dollars a head, not expensive nor cheap, and it was fun. I must say it was well worth the 25 dollars.

5 days was actually more than enough time to spend in AC. I cam see why so many Americans go there for a weekend, it is a lot of fun during the weekend and 3 days is enough to see and do what you want. It is very close for people who lives in New Jersey, New York and the Philadelphia area so it is very accessible for a lot of people. Who knows, might be back one day :)

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