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Top 5 destinations to revisit

Some places you are happy with visiting just once but some places you really want to go back to simple just because you can't get enough. So when booked.net asked me to post my top 5 destination that I would like to revisit as a part of the Top Destination to Go There there was no doubt in my mind that I would do that.This mostly based on the fact that if I was the one who were looking for somewhere to go I would definitely consider a place a travel blogger would like to revisit. There is no other travellers that are more critical of places that travel bloggers and if they would like to go back it must be good.

1. Svalbard. This is definitely on the top of the places I want to go back to, absolutely no doubt. This must be one of the most exotic places I have ever been to and I am just longing to go back. Far, far north almost on the North Pole. At Svalbard you are not allowed to walk outside the city centre by yourself as there are a lot of polar bears walking around. Check out my post from my visit at Svalbard and Longyerbyen if you want to know more. Svalbard

2. Cuba. This is in my opinion one of the places everybody should have on their travel list. The history of Cuba is very interesting and the reflections of that is in every building, street, house, corner, it's everywhere if you want to see it. "Unlocking" the truth about Cuba would have been an adventure. Read more about Cuba here.

3. New York. I just can't get enough of New York. This is a city I will always keep on returning to. It has everything and there is just something with The Big Apple that has me. New York has gotten under my skin and we have an understanding. I have loads of tips for New York and you can read about it on my blog. New York. New York the full experience. Brooklyn, New York. Manhattan. More New York.

4. Iceland. This beautiful country will give you so many experiences and have so much incredible nature to show that you just want to go back and see more and more. No other country in Europe have what Iceland have and there is no other place in the world that can brag about volcanos, lagoons, Geysir and waterfalls that is so breathtaking you forget everything else. Check out my trip to Iceland here.

5. Barcelona. Here you get the ultimate city and beach experience. If you want to combine a big city with a beach holiday this is where you go. Barcelona have it all, art, culture, bars, restaurants, beach, shopping, crazy nightlife and yes, great football (soccer). Can't wait to go back, want to see why, check out my Barcelona post.

In order to fulfill my task here and be in the competition for winning a Iphone 6, I need to nominate 5 other travel bloggers to also write their top 5 destinations that they would like to revisit, they will also be in the competition for a chance to win. Now who doesn't want an Iphone 6? I know I really want it, imaging how many great pictures you can take with it and how easy it will be then to post all you wonderful pictures on every social media there is.

The five travel bloggers I nominate is: Renates Reiser, Hand luggage Only, Eat Travel Love, Globetrotterelisa and Girl vs Globe. Been to any of these places or want to tell me about other places, let me know in the coment box for this post, can't wait to hear from you.

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  1. Kan bara hålla med om Island och Barcelona! Och Svalbard är en dröm!

    1. Ja Svalbard gleder jeg meg til å reise tilbake til igjen, det er et så utrolig fantastisk og eksotisk sted. Igen andre steder i verden som Svalbard :)


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