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How many countries have I been to?

/I would say I have been to 50 countries, but not everybody will agree with that. Anyway, I have travelled a lot and I will continue to travel for as long as I can, there are so many places I want to see, and I'm just getting started./Jeg vil regne det som 50 land, men det er kanskje ikke alle som er enige i det. Uansett så har jeg reise en del og jeg kommer helt klart til å forsette med det, det er så utrolig mange steder jeg vil se her i verden, men jeg er også takknemlig for det jeg allerede har opplevd. 

1. Greece. I have been to a few of the Greek Island, first time in 1997, Kos Island. Later have been to Crete and Rhodes as well. I love the Greek Islands and some day I want to go island hopping and see loads more then what I already have. Haven't been to Greece since 2001 and I did not own a digital camera then.  

Me bungyjumping in Hersonisoss, Crete


2. Hungary. I have been to Budapest twice and it is such a wonderful city. I will definitely go back there some day. I recommend the Gulasj at For Sale Pub.

3. Poland. I have been to a few places in Poland and some of them more than once, and going back again this year. I have been to Warsaw, Gdansk, Sopot and Poznan.

Taken from outside Hotel Gdansk
Old Town of Poznan

4. Denmark. As a child me and my family travelled to Denmark all the time, we went to the zoo, Tivoli, Legoland and loads of other places. In my grown up years I have been to Copenhagen tons of times. It is my favourite city in Scandinavia. One of my best experiences with Copenhagen is when my family went to Restaurant Noma for my dads 60th birthday.

Nyhavn Copenhagen
Carlsberg brewery

5. Sweden. I have been to Stockholm and Gothenburg, however there are a lot of other places I need to visit as well, it is a beautiful country. 

6. Germany. This is also a country Norwegians travel to a lot, we take the Kiel cruise from Oslo. I have done that as well but I can't remember the last time. What I do remember well about Germany is my trip to Berlin, Düsseldorf and Hamburg. 

Original Berlin Wall
The wall is marked on the ground a through the city 

7. Belgium. I have been to tons of places in Belgium, why? Because my parents lived in a small town called Mons for 4 years. I love Belgium and all the time we spent there was great, some really good memories. And of course I have been to Brussels a few times as well. 

Grand Place, Brussels
Maneken Pis

8. Holland (The Nederlands). I have been to Eindhoven and Amsterdam, just been there on weekend trips, but it is perfect places just to go for a weekend (it is close to Norway).  

9. France. I have been to a few places in France, I also lived in Cannes for two months whiles studying the French language. I have been to Lille, Cannes, Juan les Pins, Antibes, Marseille, Avignon, St. Rémy, Nice and of course Paris.

Carnival in Nice 1999
Countdown for year 2000 in Paris
The school I went to College International du Cannes

10. Italy. I don't think you ever get tired of Italy, I have been to Verona, Venezia, Milan, Rome, Lucca, Rimini, Gargonza, Cinque Terre (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso), Pisa, Florence, Via Reggio, Porto Fino, Siena and Genova. 

Fontana di Trevi, Rome 
Spanish steps, Rome
Coloseum, Rome
The Cathedral on Plaza del Dumo. Milan

11. Spain. Norwegian people's favourite destination in Europe. So many Norwegians own homes here, mostly in the Alicante, Marbella and Alfaz, Albir, Altea area. I have been to all these places along with Sevilla, El Puerto, Benidorm, Calpe, Puerto Banus, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. We actually got married in Puerto Banus in 2010. In adittion to the places on the mainland I have also been to Mallorca and Tenerife. In addition to this I have been to Mallorca a few times, Alcudia and Can Picafort.

Wedding Chapel at Hotel Rincon Andaluz, Puerto Banus (foto Stine Eid)



12. Turkey. Turkey have turned into a very popular tourist destination  over the past few years and I have actually been to four places in Turkey. Bodrum, Fethyie, Istanbul and Alanya. Bodrum was only a short boat trip from the Greek Island of Kos and Alanya is a very popular destination for Norwegians and Fethyie I went sailing with 9 other women, crazy fun.

One of the beaches in Alanya

13. Finland. I have only been to Helsinki, but I have been there twice. Want to go to Kakslauttanen and stay in a glass iglo for a weekend during the winter, that looks amazing.  

14. England. From 2001 to 2003 I lived in a small town called Eastbourne, just 10-15 minutes outside Brighton. I can't even start to count how many times I have been to London as well.

Brighton Pier

15. Scotland. Only been to Aberdeen for about 28 hours, what did I do? Shopping. Need to go back to see other places as well, really want to go to Edinburgh. Where's my picture at? 

16. Ireland. Again, don't know who many times I have been to Ireland. Maybe not so strange as I am married to an Irishman. Anyway, I have been to Dublin, loads of places in Kildare, Kilkenny, Galway, Claire/Ennis and Carlow. I just love Ireland and someday I will definitely go on a road trip thorough the whole country. 

Castle in Kilkenny

17. Estonia. For 6 years now I have been to Tallinn every December with SAS Julefyet / SAS Christmas Flight. We are a bunch of voluntaries and sponsors who help an orphanage and other people who live in the slum. I have written a couple of post about this in my blog and it is definitely worth to read. 


18. Lithuania. 24 hours in Vilnius, that was with my work team and we started the day with a pub crawl and airline quiz. No wonder I don't have that many pictures.

19. Latvia. Weekend trip to Riga with a friend. Lovely city and it is so close to Norway. Cheap to so there is no excuse not to visit the city. 

20. Iceland. Now this is a true experience. Such a lovely country with so much to see. In my opinion it is very different from the rest of Europe, in a very positive way. 

21. Czech Republic. I have only been to Prague once and that weekend I was sick. Had the worst flue ever. Just have to go back because Prague is such a beautiful city and I want to experience it and take loads more pictures.

22. USA. I love USA, what can I say. been to New York/ Manhattan, Brookly, Hoboken, New Jersey/ Atlantic City, Seaside Heights, Jersey City, Las Vegas, Chicago, Ocean City (Maryland), Honolulu Hawaii, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Key West, Orlando, Houston, Los Angeles, San Fransisco and Palm Dessert (Coachella). 

23. Canada. Sad to say I've only been to Toronto for 24 hours. It was cold and we went shopping. But the little I saw of Toronto made me want to see loads more of Canada. 

24. Mexico. Been to Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. Such a lovely country with so much to see. Many places I want to see in Mexico and maybe I will do that  this year. 

25. Cuba. I'm so fascinated with Cuba, their culture, history and the country in general. What is it really like, do the government hide Cuba's true colours? Benn to Havana, Santa Maria del Mar and Varadero. Defo going back some day and spend loads more time in this Caribbean pearl.

26. Dominican Republic. Relaxing holiday in an all inclusive resort. I went to Puerto Plata and there are loads of activities you can do even though you are in a resort, just get out there. Once again Dominican Republic is a country I would love to go back to, you have the big city Santo Domingo and then you have all the beach resorts like Punta Cana, Puerto Plata and so on.  

27. Antigua. Our little three day stop in Antigua did not go exactly as we planned as a tropical storm hit us at tat time. But I have never experienced thunder, lightning and rain like that.   

28. Saint Martin. Been here three times and it is one of my favourite islands in the Caribbean. Why? Just because of the airport and the beach that are so close together that it looks like the air planes will land on the beach. It is so cool to see. Also I can recommend the French part of the Island.

29. British Virgin Island, BVI. Also one of my favourites in the Caribbean. Been here for Interline Regatta a few times and quite a lot of the place, it is stunning.

30. U.S Virgin Island, St. Thomas. Stopped here on one of my cruises, and spent the day on this lovely beach. A lot of the Caribbean islands are just there for you to relax and enjoy the beach life. 

31. Barbados. Again this was one of my stops during cruise, however, it is beautiful and I can see myself there again in the future. 

32. Bahamas. It is a beautiful place but I think this is more for elderly people, it seemed to be quite popular amongst them. Very cute. I wouldn't mind living here when I'm retired. Like more the rural Bahamas then Atlantis which is just build for the tourists. 

33. Jamaica. Didn't get to see so much of it as I was theer on a cruise stop once and the other time just a 12 hour stopover on my way to Cuba. But I've then been to Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. 

34. Cayman Island. The other stop on one of my cruises in the Caribbean. This is a rich mans paradise and I'm glad that I have seen it and been on 7 mile beach. 

35. St. Lucia. I've had the honour of being here twice. Lovely little island witch the funniest local language ever. See volcanoes on this island is very popular. 

36. St. Kitts. Yet another cruise stop, but seriously look a this place, who wouldn't want to go here!

37. Curacao. Went here after Interline Regatta once just to relax, it was perfect. 4 days in an all inclusive resort will charge your batteries. However, if you like there is a lot to see here as well. 

38. Puerto Rico. Yes I know it is a part of the USA, but I would like to put it on my list as its own "country". I have been to San Juan twice and I love it, and the local cuisine is great, can't wait to go back.  

39. Indonesia. Bali and the small island of Gili Trawangang is the only island I have been to, however in Bali have have been to places like Besaki, Uluwatu, Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, oh yeh and a bus trip on Lombok. 


40. Malaysia. Now this was back in 2000 so I didn't own a digital camera, doesn't look like I took many pictures either. Well, guess I have to go back then :) I can still remember the sight of the twin towers.

41. India. I had the pleasure of going to a wedding here, that was such an experience. However, the photographer in me wasn't the best but I have changed that since 2007. Been to New Delhi, Ludhiana and Agra. Have decided to go to the Holi Festival in March 2015. 
Taj Mahal Agra

Red Fort, Agra

42. China. The first time I went to China was back in 2001, went to Beijing with my class from school. Went to Shanghai in 2008 or something and back to Beijing again in 2011, man that had changed a lot. During my trip in 2001 I go to see absolutely everything and that is one of the best trips of my life. 

43. Thailand. Don't think I have every met anyone who doesn't like Thailand. so many beautiful places and chaotic cities. Been to Bangkok about four times, Phuket, Phi Phi and Koh Samui. 

44. Japan. On my way to Australia I had a 24 hour stop in Tokyo. Time was very limited and me and my sister got a bit lost in the city so we didn't get to see what we wanted. Got to see some cool gadgets though. 

45. Australia. Went travelling for two months in 2010/2011 and spent most of the time in Australia. On my journey here I got to see Cairns, Melbourne and Sydney. Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth is on my list for next time. 

46. Fiji. So many Pacific islands I want to see, it's paradise. Fiji was great and we got to travel to a few small island and experience the traditional old lifestyle as well. Can't really get further away from Norway than this. 

47. Monaco. In 1999 I lived in Cannes for a few months and one of your trips was to Monaco. Small but exiting and beautiful. Just a short train trip from Nice. 

48. Gibraltar. A short drive from Marbella you will find Gibraltar. Day trip here is recommended if you are in the area. I found it to be very different from the rest of Spain, it actually is a bit British.  

49. U.A.E, Dubai. We went there in July so it was so hot you won't believe it, 47 degrees Celsius in the shade during the day time and in the evening it only dropped to like 40 degrees. So almost impossible to walk around and do and see stuff.

50. San Marino. It is independent and it is a country. I have been there and it defo need to be on my country list. Such a stunning and charming little place. Challenge you to cycle up to the top of the mountain!

51. Norway. My home country. I will put up my own top 10 things to do in Norway. There are so many places to see here and I know it will take your breath away. Have been to a few places as I live here, however there are so many more places I need to seen. 

52. Belize. Belize city was amazing and we went to the zoo and a small river tour to spot the wildlife a long the river. 

53. Honduras. I haven't been to the main land but to Roatan which is an lovely island.

54. Hong Kong and Macau. When SAS opened a flight to Hong Kong with a brand new flight I just had to try it. Love Hong Kong and Macau and I would defo go back.

55. Croatia. Summer of 2016 I visited Craoatia and Split for the first time. Let's just say this won't be my last time in Croatia, really lovely place and so close to Norway. 

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  1. Imponerende liste! Jeg har en slik liste under utarbeidelse selv, men den er på langt nær så lang... Flere av stedene på din liste står ihvertfall på min "to do list"!

    1. Ja det har jo blitt noen land og steder opp gjennom årene. Men har jo så klart ennå flere steder jeg vil til :)

  2. Waow, mååånga länder! Vi har varit i ca 35 länder tror jag, i Europa, Asien och Afrika mest, samt Nya Zeeland och Kanada. Sydamerika har vi aldrig varit i...

    1. Var ikke helt klar over hvor mange steder jeg egentlig har vært til jeg satte opp denne lista :) Men føler meg kjempe heldig som har hatt muligheten til å oppleve så mye :)

  3. That is one seriously impressive list! You must have such amazing memories.

    1. I do have so many amazing memories and experiences. I feel so lucky to have been able to do all this. Have sp many more places I want to see as well :)

  4. Svar
    1. Thank you, I am still working on it so I really hope that I can add more places :) Time to go to Africa and South America as I have never been there :)

  5. Så mange flotte steder du har vært! Cuba og landene i Karibien ønsker jeg å dra til asap! Det kan være litt vanskelig å holde styr på alle stedene.. Nå er jeg oppe i over 60 land selv, og flere blir det i løpet av året. Har man reisefeber klarer man ikke holde seg hjemme så altfor lenge i slengen. Det kjenner du vel til ;)

    1. Ja det har blitt noen steder etter hvert. Må også innrømme at inspirasjonene til denne listen kom fra en liste du la ut en gang. Når jeg så hvor mange land og steder du hadde vært i måtte jeg bare gjøre det samme selv. Gøy å kunne se selv også, samt dele med andre :)

  6. Fin liste med mange fristende reisemål! Det var et par steder der jeg gjerne skulle vært :)

  7. Imponerende reiseliste og fin blogg ;-)

    1. Tusne takk for det. Jeg føler meg jo veldig heldig som har opplevd så mye. Er sikker mange der ute som kan skryte av mye mer enn dette, men jeg synes ikke denne lista er så aller værst heller :)

  8. That's a nice long list of places you've been. The photos are great. I'm still deciding where to go to next.

    1. There is still a lot of places I was to go, ref my bucket list :) Wondering the same, about where to travel next. Going somewhere in October just don't know where yet :)

  9. For en imponerende liste! Du har jammen besøkt mange land! :D

    1. Jeg må innrømme at jeg er litt imponert selv, synes jeg er veldig heldig dom har hatt muligheten til alt dette. Jeg har jo "samlet" alle stedene på TripAdvisor sitt kart og i følge de har jeg sett bare 24% av verden!! Snakk om å ødelegge gleden til andre da ;) ;) :)


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